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Welcome to Postal & Community Credit Union's Member BillPay services. Now, you can pay your bills online from your personal computer.

Member BillPay is the bill paying service you have been asking for!

Pay your bills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on your personal computer.
Members can pay virtually anyone, from your babysitter to your local hardware store. After you have entered a payee once, this information can be stored in a personal payee database for future use.
Payments can be one-time, recurring or open-ended. Members can set up a bill to be paid until further notice or set a fixed number of payments. Members can also schedule single payments on any business day, up to one year in advance.
Members can change any of their payments until the day of processing.
Members can track the status of their payments so they will know exactly when a payment will be or has been processed.
Member BillPay stores up to one year of payment history online so members can review past transactions.

Member BillPay is a free service as long as you have Internet Member Access and E-Statements. These services are free and convenient as well. If you need these services, we can sign you up in just a few, short minutes. As long as you pay at least three bills online each month, the account remains active. If you do not, the account becomes "inactive" and you will be charged a $5 inactive fee for each month you do not use this service.

Member BillPay is your online bill payment solution! Sign up today for this convenient service!